Health and Safety Awareness (Cancelled)
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Wandsworth Town Hall, Room 256, Wandsworth Town Hall, Room 256, Wandsworth High Street
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Target Audiences
Physiotherapist, Personal Assistant (Support), Participation Worker, Parent Worker, Paediatrician, Outreach Worker, One o'Clock Centre Worker / Manager, Occupational Therapist, Nursery Nurse, Nurse, Newly Qualified Teacher, Newly Qualified Social Worker, Midwife, Middle Leader / Manager, Midday Supervisor, Mentor, Mental Health Worker, Maths Coordinator, Manager, Literacy Coordinator, Library Worker / Manager, Learning Support Assistant (LSA), Learning Mentor, KS2 Coordinator, KS1 Coordinator, Instructor, Inclusion Worker / Leader / Manager, ICT Worker / Manager, Human Resources Worker / Manager, Housing Worker / Manager, Health Visitor, Headteacher (Special), Headteacher (Secondary), Headteacher (Primary), Headteacher (New), Head of Department, Groupwork Worker / Manager, Governors: Clerk, Governors: Chair / Vice Chair, Governors: All, Gifted & Talented Co-ordinator, Foster Carer / Adopter, Finance Officer / Manager, Family Worker / Manager, Facilities Officer / Manager, EMA Coordinator / Leader, Education Welfare Officer / Manager, Early Years Worker / Practitioner / Manager, Doctor / GP, Disability and Special Needs Worker / Manager, Directorate, Designated Safeguarding Lead, Deputy / Assistant Headteacher, Day Centre Service Worker / Manager, Crime Prevention Worker / Manager, Creche Worker / Manager, CPD Leader, Court Officer, Counsellor, Contracts Worker / Manager, Contact and Referral Worker / Manager, Consultant Social Worker, Consultant (Practitioner), Connexions PA / Worker / Manager, Community Psychiatric Nurse (CPN), Committee Member, Commissioner, Coach, Clinical Team Leader, Cleaning / Domestic Worker / Manager, Church Leader / Worker, Children's Centre Worker / Manager, Childminder, Child Protection Worker / Coordinator / Manager, Child Protection Officer, Child Protection Nurse, Carer, Careers Advisor, Business Support Worker / Manager, Bursar, Bail and Remand Worker / Manager, Audiologist, Assessment Worker / Manager, Apprentice, Anti-bullying Leads, After School Scheme Worker / Manager, Advisor, Adventure Playground Worker / Manager, Advanced Skills Teacher, Adoption and Fostering Worker / Manager, Administration Worker / Manager, Activity Centre Worker / Manager, Accommodation Worker / Manager, Access & Information Officer / Manager, 14-19 Worker / Manager
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Workshop, Seminar, Induction, E-Learning (Interactive session accessed by computer), Drop-in session, Course, Conference, Briefing (Information Update), Accredited
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Health & Safety
Event description
Make yourself aware of how best to make your work environment safe and how you should conduct yourself.
Training objectives
To ensure employees contribute to standards of health and safety and that their responsibilities are clearly understood.
Learning outcomes
- Identify hazards and evaluate risks in the workplace - use workplace precautions and effectively minimise workplace health and safety risks - assist managers in preparing risk assessments - understand why the Council has a health and safety policy - cooperate and communicate on health and safety matters - carry out work activities without risk to themselves or others - report relevant accidents and incidents - assist managers in health and safety monitoring
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Start Date
Wednesday 30 September 2020
End Date
Wednesday 30 September 2020
Closing Date
Sunday 27 September 2020
09:45 - 12:30
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